Friday, December 4, 2015

Marina Ortega_Tier 4

Hi James!

I’m very happy to be able to try this patreon, as I arrived too late to CGMA classes to catch you teaching there. So, thank you beforehand, because if someone can help me to make these environments look compelling, that’s you.

About the piece, I work on both, concept art and illustration, and with this specific one I tried to get a Magic the Gathering swamp feeling (and I was planning to create more lands based images). But I need a helping hand rendering it to look crispy, fresh and alive, instead of overworked without purpose. 

I'm not sure how to improve this image, sometimes I have problems deciding and pushing the focal point, and sometimes I feel insecure searching and choosing the correct photos for photobasing. When the perspective fits, the light or the resolution doesn't, etc (and it happens to me more on clean sci fi environments than here really). I would really want advice on photobasing to push my artwork, without having a dirty or messy piece at the end.

I look forward to your critique, and actually any piece of advice you could provide me with! :)

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